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Windows and Door frames

General / 07 December 2020

So, over the past few days I have been collecting a bunch of different references from the wild wild west saloons and buildings.
Specifically for their doors and windows, as this project is going to be rather large scale I wanted to create a number of variations of different styles.

This is so that when I produce the modular layouts each one will be unique and have its own style so that a sense of randomness will be created and break things up.

After looking at a number of different pieces of reference I created a series of Window sets and also Door sets, UV unwrapped them and kept them as low poly as possible.
Each set has it's UV sets with them with their associated orthographic views as well. Top and front views.

The doors I did a few different styles as and the project goes on I may do more styles of variation for these as well, most importantly a large number of varying different mapping styles will be used or colour maps to create large scale randomness to show that the scene isn't repeating.


Door frame and Keyhole UV maps, used over multiple doors so was no one place to put them.

Simple wireframe and plain texture images to show the low poly count for now, this scene will also eventually be put into either Unity or Unreal Engine, which of the two I am currently unsure but the end goal is a place where someone can move around.

Potentially VR as well.

Thank you for reading my post, also, I apologise for the crudeness and lack of legibility in the images, they will get better I promise. I haven't done this format in quite a while so please hold on, the quality will increase.

Thank you and, keep on creating!

Welcome to the wild, wild west.

General / 26 November 2020

I have been doing a number of small projects over Lockdown 2.0, this has been an insane amount of time being sat at home.
Updating my portfolio and creating a new showreel has been on my to do list since Uni and around work I have finally found the time to do so.

Whilst all this has been going on I have started producing something which I believe to be the largest project I have ever done and I am so excited to get this all going along.

Deciding to do this in a number of new different ways and using all the skills I have learnt to establish an effective workflow that has been tested and tried to produce some great work.

I invite you to join in this with me as I start to create something that will be pretty damned cool.
To start you off here is a basic block out of how the world will start to look.